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  • Aircraft Ferry flight, Aircraft Test flights, Demo flights
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  • Parts-Out, Aircraft sales and advisory
  • EASA, Commercial AOC, Operations Support and NCC Operations & Hosting / Flight Operations and consulting services as well as Pilot Training solutions on Airbus and Boeing models throughout www.jetline-training.com | www.european-flight-training.com. We offer Type Ratings, TRI courses and OPC, LPC training for airlines iaw. their CAA approved training manual.


EASA, AUA-OPS, Bermuda, IOMAR | AOC, NCC, ATO Manual production & supervision as Sales & Service agent from WEBMANUALS Sweden.

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Further we offer as partner Pilots | Dispatch for worldwide ferryflight solutions in cooperation with our valued partners.

 Visit www.ferryflightservices.com | CAE Ferryflight solutions | Spireflight | Sigma Aviation Services

Toghether with our Partner QCM delivers all necessary Maintenance Planning & Supervision CAMO solutions: www.qcm.ch

Financial Auditing and continuous expenditure supervision for aircraft owner or audits of the managing operators are also available.

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NCG-Aviation.com was founded 2009 as subsidary from NCG-Group KmG, starting to offer financial auditing, consulting & operaton manual service.